The Polonia Hotel was build in 1890.At that time Torun was a part of Prussian Partition. Originally it was named as Thomer Hof. The first owner of the hotel was Mr.Zygmunt Wojdak. During the Nazi occupation the name hasn’t been changed. Shortly after World War II communists took control over the hotel in april 1946.

As we can read from communistic report:

“The hotel includes 36 rooms, all the hotel rooms are featured with electricity, furniture, laundry, bathroom which is more than enough. The building is equipped with central heating.There is toilet at every floor. The canteen is located on ground floor and is being managed by the owner himself.In terms of cleanliness the hotel is satisfactory”

Report made on 11.04.1946

Later on the hotel have been renovated and restored. Nowaday our hotel meets the highest standards. Magnificent location in the very center of Torunian Old Town for sure is enormous advantage.